Welcome to ezRADIUS homepage at Sourceforge.net.

ezRADIUS is FreeRADIUS and Chillispot web-based management apps. It's easy, simple and expandable. The main aim is to provide radius server administrator a simple web-based management application. FreeRADIUS must configured to use MySQL as backend.

You'll find this project almost similar to:

  • phpMyPrepaid
  • daloRADIUS
  • FreeRADIUS' dialupadmin
  • Hotcakes Hotspot Manager
  • EasyHotspot
  • phpRADmin
  • Administrative panel


What makes it different from others are:

  • simple configuration, no need MySQL database to store it's configuration data
  • work on freeRADIUS version below and above 1.1.3
  • less but sufficient functionalities
  • do not need PEAR or GD packages, it only needs PHP with MySQL support
  • simple login mechanism
  • created using Dreamweaver as IDE, so it easy for you to edit ezRADIUS on your own, I'm using Dreamwever templating capabilities


  • No ticketing scheme, so this apps is not ready for commercial HotSpot billing
  • No complex report creation/exporting, no printing capabilities
  • simple login means no user levels, only one user that is administrator
  • the code is not clean since I'm using Dreamweaver templating
  • no documentations yet
  • your browser must support and enable Javascript to access ezRADIUS
  • only know one freeRADIUS user-password encryption, that is MD5
  • not easy to understand radreply and radcheck attributes adding because I do not include comprehensive explanation on the attribute


ezRADIUS is released under GPL license.


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