You may find a brief introduction of ezRADIUS at homepage.

ezRADIUS is created by Achmad Zaenuri (that's me), a university student from Diponegoro University Indonesia. I created ezRADIUS to fulfill my study's final task.

At first, I did not plan to create ezRADIUS. That time, I'm using daloRADIUS, but I think, It will be more satisfied if I'm creating my own freeRADIUS web-based management apps. By creating my own apps, I can have an apps that fulfill all my needs. I also consider of simplicity in installation and configuration. I don't want an apps that need a lot of libraries to work properly.

Those was a brief history about why I create ezRADIUS.

ezRADIUS logo is created using The GIMP.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

E-mail me at: achmad.zaenuri@gmail.com

Yahoo Messenger nickname: z2_system


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